Can I Use A Swellpro Camera Gimbal On A Boat?

How much weight can a splash drone 3 carry?

Q: How much load can the SplashDrone 3+ carry? A: SplashDrone 3+ has a maximum take-off weight of 3.2kg. This generally means that the drone can carry a maximum payload of 1kg.

How far can a splash drone 3 fly?

Q12: What is the max flight distance of Splash Drone 3? A: The advertised max flight distance is 1 kilometer, however, the actual flight distance could reach up to 1.4kilometres.

Where is Swellpro located?

Welcome to Swellpro UK, based in Dorset, UK, we are the Official UK Distributor for all Swellpro products. Our offices and workshops are literally a stones throw from some iconic sites and the English Channel. Being so close to the sea enables us to carry out testing in salt water and in some harsh conditions.

What is a fishing drone?

Drone fishing gives new meaning to finding fish and delivering bait. You can use a drone to precisely drop your bait where you want it, in some cases up to half a mile from the boat, provided your line is long enough to not disturb feeding fish.

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