Can I Use Vodka To Winterize My Boat?

Does vodka work as antifreeze?

The cheap antifreeze is alcohol based, and about the same percentage so yes it would work. It is an expensive alternative to $5 a gallon for antifreeze. There is one type of plastic it will affect, but it is ok for most.

Can you use vodka to winterize an RV?

Pump vodka or everclear in, so it comes out all faucets. Then blow the lines out again. This gets rid of almost all water, and any that remains is a water/alcohol mix with a lower freezing point.

What do you put in a boat to winterize it?

Here are some winterization tasks common to all types of engines.

  1. Fog the engine.
  2. Change the oil.
  3. Fill the engine block with antifreeze.
  4. Top off the fuel tank and stabilize the fuel.
  5. Drain the freshwater tank and water lines and protect them with antifreeze.
  6. Sanitation Systems.

How do you winterize a boat without antifreeze?

Winterizing Techniques to Avoid Using Antifreeze

  1. Suck or blow out all your water lines.
  2. Drain all water reservoirs.
  3. Store the boat inside, where it can’t freeze.
  4. Consider wet storing your boat, if the water doesn’t freeze.
  5. Place electric heaters on the boat if a freeze is expected.
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Why do alcoholics drink antifreeze?

Alcoholics may also drink it as a substitute for alcohol (ethanol). Ethylene glycol is itself relatively nontoxic. However, it is metabolized (changed) in the body by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase into glycolic acid, glyoxylic acid and oxalic acid, which are highly toxic compounds.

Can you use alcohol instead of antifreeze?

The simple answer is NO. Rubbing alcohol is very volatile and unstable, a quality you definitely do not want in a coolant, since heat transfer of a gas is very poor compared to a liquid. A fill of rubbing alcohol would quickly get decrease in you system.

What happens if you don’t winterize your boat?

If You Don’t Winterize Your Boat, Here’s What Happens: Water freezes and expands and can damage anything it’s trapped inside. Water may seep into unprotected spaces to do this. Acidic and corrosive wastes, salt and corrosion buildup can damage delicate parts in engines. Fuels break down or grow dirty.

What is the average cost to winterize a boat?

The Cost of Paying to Have Your Boat Winterized As noted above, the average cost of having a professional winterize your boat for you is about $300. That price is an aggregate of a wide range of costs, so we need to look at some more specific examples of boat winterization costs in order to give a more accurate quote.

At what temperature do you need to winterize your boat?

At -50 F, it’s a solid chunk of ice, capable of cracking an engine block. Play it safe and use an antifreeze that is rated well below any temperature you’re likely to experience. Most winterizing antifreeze must be used full strength — don’t dilute.

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How much antifreeze Do I need to winterize my boat?

Instead of using a winterizing kit, you’ll need a five-gallon bucket, and enough antifreeze for your engine and related plumbing (at least two gallons). If your engine takes a lot of antifreeze, you might also need a helper to add antifreeze to the bucket as needed.

Can I winterize my boat without starting it?

Winterizing the motor Two things need to happen: Oil Change and Anti-Freeze the Raw Water side of your motor. Oil Change works best if you can run the motor for 5 minutes or so and let it warm up.

What is the problem with using your boat’s engine to drive it onto a trailer?

NOTE – While many people drive the boat onto the trailer, it isn’t advised. Using the engine to assist trailering erodes the ramp bed, can lead to debris being sucked into the engine, and can cause an accident! Make sure you drain all water from the boat – the bilge, the live well, the trailer lights, etc.

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