Can U Fit 16ft Pontoon Boat In Garage?

Is a 16 foot pontoon too small?

I agree that a 16 footer is too small all the way around for your purposes. They call those little boats “pond jumpers” for a reason. I would look closer at boats in the 19 to 21 foot range with plenty of power, 90 hp or more. If your budget won’t cover a bigger boat look at newer used boats.

Will my boat fit in the garage?

The size of garages will vary no matter where you are in the country or world but in general most boats will fit inside of a garage without too much difficulty. The only boats that will have issues fitting are pontoon, houseboats, or other boats that are designed to be taller or considerably larger.

Can you fit a pontoon in a garage?

As a rule of thumb, you should have at least a foot of clearance for safe movement and storage when you back the trailer and boat back in to the garage. In terms of width (here are example pontoon widths), ideally you need a couple of feet clearance on either side of the pontoon and trailer to the door entry.

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Is a 20 foot pontoon big enough?

20 to 22-foot boats are well suited for lakes and rivers that do not have large waves. The larger 23 to 28-foot boats are capable of cruising through rough waters and offer enough space for up to 15 people to enjoy a day on the lake.

How deep of water do you need for a pontoon boat?

It’s often possible for an average pontoon to be safely navigated through water that is two feet in depth.

How tall should a garage door be for a boat?

Typical width is between 8 feet to 10 feet and a length between 25 feet to 30 feet. Anything bigger might be hard to transport and usually remain water bound in a yard. These boats have a height 10 feet to 12 feet but a trailer is used, an additional 2 feet should be considered.

How tall is a pontoon boat sitting on a trailer?

A boat on a trailer is 2 to 2.5 feet taller than the “bridge clearance” listed on your manufacturer’s specifications. For example, a 22-25 feet boat will usually be above 10 feet tall on a trailer, with some exceptions.

Are all pontoon boats the same width?

The standard pontoon boat width will typically be set depending on the actual length – but each manufacturer will have their own width to length ratios that they work to. Handy Hint: If you decide to convert your pontoon boat to a tritoon with the addition of a third tube, the width will still stay the same as before.

How do you keep a pontoon boat off the trailer?

Here are some tips for storing your boat without a trailer. Store the boat using blocks and boat stands (blocking). Store the boat at the marina. Store the boat at dry-stacked storages.

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How do you store a pontoon boat on land?

There are two stages to storing a pontoon boat on land: moving the boat out of the water, and winterizing and covering it.

  1. Load the boat on the trailer.
  2. Fill the fuel tank to within 1 inch of the top of the fuel tank filler hose.
  3. Empty the season-old oil from the engine.
  4. Clean the boat.
  5. Put the boat on blocks.

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