Can You Boat On Sand Hollow Reservoir?

Can you have a fire at Sand Hollow?

Fire Conditions: Fires are allowed in designated fire rings only. No pallets!

How deep is the water at Sand Hollow Reservoir?

SAND HOLLOW STATE PARK — Sand Hollow State Park outside of Hurricane is home to Sand Hollow Reservoir, a man-made body of water completed in March 2002. The reservoir sits at an elevation of 3,000 feet and has a maximum depth of 95 feet.

Is Sand Hollow Water Safe?

Swimmer’s Itch is currently active at Sand Hollow State Park. Swimmer’s Itch is an irritating, yet harmless rash caused by the human body’s allergic reaction to a free-swimming microscopic parasite (cercarial) found in shallow water. Anyone who swims or wades in infested water is at risk of getting swimmers itch.

Do you need a flag at Sand Hollow?

A brightly colored “whip flag” must be attached to OHVs when riding in sand dune areas. Lights must be used between sunset and sunrise. Be sure your brakes will control and stop your OHV. Mufflers are required on all OHVs.

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How much does it cost to get into Sand Hollow?

Things To Know Sand Hollow State Park is 13 miles east of St. George and nine miles southwest of Hurricane. Day use passes are $15 or $20 per vehicle up to eight people, depending on if you’re a resident.

Can you fish at Sand Hollow?

Sand Hollow has become a hotspot for largemouth bass and bluegill fishing in the last few years.

How cold is Sand Hollow?

Sand Hollow water temp is 72 degrees. Play safe and have fun. Sand Hollow water temp is 72 degrees. Play safe and have fun.

Is Sand Hollow at capacity?

Sand Hollow Reservoir is uniquely located on a natural Navajo sandstone aquifer with an underground storage capacity in excess of 300,000 acre feet.

How bad is swimmer’s itch at Sand Hollow?

Scratching the infected area can lead to secondary infections. Eradication of the parasite from Sand Hollow would involve poisoning the water which would kill the fish and possibly leach into the water supply. “It’s an irritant for everyone but it’s not a health issue,” Melling said.

Does Sand Hollow have parasites?

As Sand Hollow Reservoir warms to 70 degrees, a free-swimming microscopic parasite called cercarial that lives in shallow water flourishes. It is not unique to Sand Hollow and can be found worldwide especially in summer months.

Is there shade at Sand Hollow?

The hot air shimmers off the pavement, blurring the orange and pink rocks off to the east of us as we travel south on I-15. I am overcome by the beauty of the landscape but also its inhabitable nature. It is summer and temperatures are in the mid-90s. But the lack of shade makes it feel like an oven.

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How do you prevent swimmer’s itch?

To reduce the risk of swimmer’s itch:

  1. Choose swimming spots carefully. Avoid swimming in areas where swimmer’s itch is a known problem or signs warn of possible contamination.
  2. Avoid the shoreline, if possible.
  3. Rinse after swimming.
  4. Skip the bread crumbs.
  5. Apply waterproof sunscreen.

Are there bathrooms at Sand Hollow?

Sand Hollow has restrooms for day visitors as well as campers.

Are helmets required in Moab?

Helmet Requirements Properly fastened helmet, having at least a “DOT Approved” safety rating for motorized use are required for all OHV operators and passengers under the age of 18 years.

Where can I cliff jump at Sand Hollow?

Cliff jumping at Sand Hollow is a popular activity for all ages. Make your way to the far east side of the north section of the lake. From there you will have to do some climbing to get over to the popular cliff jumping section. Younger children will need plenty of help here.

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