Can You Get A Boat From Bangkok To Pattaya?

How do I get from Bangkok to Pattaya?

The most convenient way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya is via car, you can book a Grab driver directly or book a taxi driver on However, the cheapest and most popular route is the Bangkok to Pattaya bus. Buses leave from the Eastern Bus Terminal every 30-minutes and cost 117 baht.

Can we travel by boat in Bangkok?

Traveling by boat has always been Thai’s main transportation since the old era which is kind of neat for us to get on a boat/ferry to sightsee the surrounding. If you are here in Bangkok and have a free day to travel around. Here are 5 best day trips from/ in Bangkok that feature a boat ride.

Can you get to Thailand by boat?

Thailand has many beautiful islands and except for Koh Samui island And Phuket which has their own airports, you have to take a boat to get there. A ferry, a speedboat, one night boat, a longtail boat, there are several choices. Bus + ferry tickets are also available (from Khao San Road in Bangkok for instance)

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How far is Pattaya from Bangkok Thailand?

Pattaya is located 147 kilometres (2-hour drive) away from Bangkok. One can hire cars to drive between the two cities and for travel within Pattaya and Bangkok. A frequent bus service (2 hours) plies between Pattaya and Bangkok connecting the main bus terminal of Pattaya with other bus terminals of Bangkok.

Which is the best location to stay in Pattaya?

If you’re wondering where to stay in Pattaya, the best area to stay is probably the beachfront area around Beach Road. Here, you’ll be close to the beautiful beach as well as all of the exciting bars and restaurants that are popular with tourists.

Is Pattaya safe?

OVERALL RISK: LOW. Generally speaking, Pattaya is relatively a safe city, though there are some scammers and petty thieves, especially along the beaches.

What are boats called in Thailand?

WHY ARE THEY CALLED LONG-TAIL BOATS?! Known as the gondolas of southern Thailand, Ruang Hang Yao, which can be literally translated as long-tail boats, come in different shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common.

How much is a boat ride in Bangkok?

2 – Bangkok dinner boat tours Dinner cruises cost about $60 on average –usually ranging from $50 to $120– and may include onboard shows. Hotel transfer is often included.

What are the boats called in Bangkok?

Important Information About Commuter Boats Canal boats also called Khlong boats, run on Bangkok’s major canals.

Can you take a boat from America to Thailand?

There are no regular passenger ship plying between the US and Thailand, but cruise ships, as I mentioned, do call at both Lam Chabang and Samut Prakarn’s Uthai Terminal (mainly smaller ships). I think the cost would be very high.

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Can you get to Thailand by train?

To travel by train from London in the United Kingdom to Bangkok in Thailand, the main route leads via France, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Your travel route could be like that.

Can you get to Thailand by boat from UK?

By using you will be able to find Ferries to Thailand with all leading ferry companies. presents 429 ferries to Thailand, with 12 ferry companies sailing from 47 ports with a choice of up to 46 ferry destinations in Thailand.

Which is better Phuket or Pattaya?

Phuket is more expensive in almost every respect than Pattaya, but Phuket’s beaches are far superior, in fact the beaches in the centre of Pattaya are not suitable for swimming as the water is not clean. Beaches just to the north and south of Pattaya are better, but still not as good as Phuket.

How much is a taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya?

Before succumbing to the tout, remember that a metered taxi from the airport to Pattaya has an official price of 1,050 baht, plus 60 baht for expressway charges.

Can I drive from Bangkok to Pattaya?

The distance from Bangkok to Pattaya is only about 147 kilometers, or 91 miles. Several major highways (Highway 3 and Highway 7) conveniently connect the cities. The trip takes approximately two hours depending on your mode of transportation and traffic (rush hour and Fridays are travel peak times on this route).

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