Can You Get On A Boat In Smashy Road?

Can you go on water in Smashy road?

Sadly it cannot go on water due to not being a legendary car. It is hard to move the car because the car is slippery. It was the worst car because it not a legendary car to float.

Are there boats in Smashy Road 2?

You can now drive boats and aerial vehicles. There are now SRI cops and police suv’s and army trucks with turrets. You can unlock alien invasion at 4500 score and get the alien character.

What do helicopters do in Smashy road?

The police helicopter is upgraded to an army helicopter that is able to shoot the player, in Smashy Road Arena and larger and even more durable military jeeps start spawning. S.W.A.T trucks also stop spawning at this wanted level. Roadblocks are upgraded to military jeep roadblocks.

What does the water jet 3000 do in Smashy road?

WaterJet 3000 is one of the 12 Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles. It has above-average health and does almost exactly the same thing as Oil Truck. The only difference is that it squirts water instead of dropping oil. It can be obtained by completing the ‘Fire Fighter’ main mission.

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Can you drive a tank in Smashy Road 2?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It (when obtained) will automatically fire bullets in the direction of any near enemies. The second way is to get a wanted level 7, and drive your vehicle onto the mines that the military puts down. With a bit of luck, you can end up inside the base.

What does Smashy Road 2 do?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles

  • Bearbit Racer: Unlocked by collecting 10 smashy road letters. ”
  • Zombie Smasher: Unlocked by killing or running over 40 zombies “Zombies”
  • Clown Car: Unlocked by getting the NoFun character and drivng the Clown Car at the circus “key to success”

What are the best cars in Smashy road?

Best car?

  • Time machine.
  • F1.
  • Oil truck.
  • Moneyman.
  • Rocket launcher.
  • Tank destroyer.
  • Boom bus.
  • Flipper.

What is the highest level in Smashy Road wanted?

The player’s wanted level goes up when there score reaches 30 or when you damage a police car. A helicopter will spawn and follow you, although it will not inflict damage or make arrests. Police will also start to set roadblocks. This wanted level triggers at a score of 80 or when you damage an enemy vehicle.

What is the highest score in Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Best record ” 4k”. With ” The Beast”!!!

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