Can You Go To Great Chebeague Island By Private Boat?

How do you get around Chebeague Island?

There is no public transportation on the island. Visitors rely on friends, walking, and bicycles to get around. Public bathrooms are located at the Historical Society.

Is there a bridge to Chebeague Island?

Location in Cumberland County and the state of Maine. Chebeague Island is the largest island in Casco Bay that is not connected to the mainland by a bridge. The largest island is Sebascodegan, or “Great Island,” which is part of the Town of Harpswell and connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Who owns Chebeague Island?

Casey Prentice of Yarmouth, and his parents Gerri and Richard Prentice, are buying the Chebeague Island Inn.

Can you take your car to Chebeague Island?

Casco Bay Lines transports cars and light pickup trucks to Great Diamond, Long Island, Chebeague Island, and Cliff Island aboard the Maquoit II. This is not a regularly scheduled service; reservations are required and are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

How long is the ferry ride to Chebeague Island?

Chebeague Island is accessed from Portland via a 1-1/4 hour ferry trip, or from Cousins Island in Yarmouth by a fifteen minute ferry run. Generally, the Cousins Island route is preferred by most travelers. In Portland, parking is available near the ferry terminal.

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How long is the ferry ride from Portland to Chebeague Island?

The ferry ride takes 15 minutes. (See for more information, including the bus and ferry schedule and fees.) Casco Bay Lines has several daily ferries to Chebeague from downtown Portland. These ferries land at Chandler’s Cove, at the southwest end of Chebeague, four miles from the golf course.

How do you pronounce Chebeague?

Chebeague (pronunciation: “shuh big” (without a significant emphasis on either syllable) is one of Maine’s most beautiful islands! It is home to generations of year-round and summer residents.

How big is Chebeague?

Peaks Island is a 740 acre island located 3 miles from Portland. The island is jam packed with history, scenic beauty and a very laid back living style.

What islands are off the coast of Maine?

5 Maine Islands to Dream About Visiting This Summer

  • Chebeague Island | Casco Bay.
  • Squirrel Island | Boothbay Harbor.
  • Vinalhaven Island | Penobscot Bay.
  • Monhegan Island | Outer Islands.
  • Mount Desert Island.

What is the zip code for Chebeague Island Maine?

In 1775 the settlement (then known as Falmouth) was bombarded and burned by the British. Rebuilt, it was incorporated as a town in 1786 and named for the Isle of Portland in Dorsetshire, England. When Maine became a state in 1820, Portland served as the capital until 1831.

How many cars fit on the Peaks Island ferry?

On Monday, CBL Director Hank Berg said the new car ferry will likely hold almost 600 passengers and 16 vehicles. In comparison, the Machigonne II has room for 400 passengers and 12 vehicles. The 32-year-old Machigonne II is the primary ferry serving Peaks Island.

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Can you take a car to Long Island Maine?

You can transport your car to the island via the Casco Bay Lines, but it would be best to park at the ferry parking lot. Reservations are required for cars on the ferry and may be difficult to get during the peak season.

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