FAQ: Can I Use A Regular Car Battery In My Boat?

Are boat batteries the same as car batteries?

Unlike car batteries which generally travel on smooth, sealed roads, marine batteries must be able to resist vibration from wave pounding and trailer transport. Car batteries are designed to deliver concentrated bursts of power to crank over and start the engine.

Can I start an outboard motor with a car battery?

Using a car battery to start your outboard is absolutely fine. Especially if your outboard has a good sized alternator. Using a car battery for your trolling motor is NOT good. As Josh Keller pointed out, car batteries are not deep cycle, and completely draining them with greatly reduce the life of the battery.

Do Boats need special batteries?

Many boats will need two types of batteries, an engine starting battery and a deep cycle battery for powering navigation, lights and domestic equipment. Dual types are manufactured, but are usually only suited for small powerboats or sailboats.

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Does it matter what size battery I put in my boat?

The reason is that the more deeply a battery is discharged, the fewer cycles it will be able to deliver. If your boating involves a lot of time spent with the radio turned up and the engine turned off, you’ll definitely want a larger battery (more reserve capacity) and one designed for deep-cycle use.

Is a marine battery better than a regular battery?

Marine Starting Batteries provide quick but powerful spurts of energy over short periods of time and are designed to start the engine and be rapidly recharged by the engine alternator. While they’re able to perform the tasks of a starting battery and deep cycle battery, they’re not as efficient as separate batteries.

Is there a difference between deep cycle and marine battery?

Deep Cycle Marine battery Design Features One key difference is the battery plate: It has fewer, thicker plates allowing the battery to provide continuous power output over long time periods. Deep cycle batteries can be entirely drained and recharged many times over, where as cranking batteries can’t.

What is the best battery for an outboard motor?

If your sole reason for buying a marine battery is to start your medium-power inboard or outboard engine, the Optima 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery is a trustworthy choice. It has a 100-minute reserve capacity and a CCA rating of 800 amps — more than enough to start most recreational engines, even in winter.

How long will a boat battery stay charged?

The average life of a boat battery is around 3-4 years, although they can last up to 6 years in the right conditions. To ensure your battery lasts its full lifespan, keep your batteries connected to a maintenance charger to keep it fully charged.

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Does an outboard motor charge the battery?

Most outboard motors (even those without an electrical starter) can charge a battery just like your car’s motor can charge its battery. Regulator/rectifier to convert the coil output into regulated DC current suitable for charging the battery.

How often should I charge my boat battery?

In the marine environment, it is more likely to be done every 20–50 cycles to extend the life and capacity of wet batteries. Gel and AGM batteries should not be equalized. Since electrical equipment and light bulbs can be damaged by high voltage, the battery should be disconnected from all loads during equalization.

Why do boats have two batteries?

A boat typically has 2 or 3 batteries (or more) to serve as separate “house” and “starter” batteries. A designated starter battery (or dual-purpose) is used to start the boat’s engine. A deep-cycle battery (or more) and is used for all other battery operated needs when on the water.

Do marine batteries go bad if not used?

Your batteries will lose charge even if the boat is not being used – depending on the type of battery, there will be a self-discharge rate of around 1-3 per cent per month.

Can I put a larger battery in my boat?

The installation can be as simple as connecting two batteries in parallel to make one larger battery bank. If your starting battery is of the lead-acid type, stick to a deep cycle battery of the same chemistry, instead of choosing a gel or AGM battery with different charging requirements.

How many cold cranking amps do I need for a boat?

Starting batteries need to deliver large amounts of current (often between 75 to 400 Amperes ) to start your boat’s engine. They can only provide this huge amount of current for a short time (less than 15 seconds). Using your starting battery for longer than this can cause irreversible damage to the battery.

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Why are marine batteries cheaper?

Marine batteries are also unique in that there are thicker plates on them when compared to your average batteries. This is also why they will cost significantly more.

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