FAQ: Can Timberland Boat Shoes Be Resoled?

Can you resole Timberlands?

When boots are resoled, the outer sole, or, the part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground, is detached from the upper boot and a new sole is attached. The easiest (and most durable) boots to resole are those constructed with Goodyear welt stitching because of the way they are double-stitched together.

Can you repair Timberland boots?

Cuts in the leather of a Timberland boots are repairable; patch leather in repair kits will often blend well with the original leather boot fabric. Cuts in suede boots are repairable as well, but the repair won’t be as seamless and will look patchy.

Is it worth getting shoes resoled?

“If the upper part of the shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it’s not worth repairing. But if the uppers are fine, the bottoms can always be fixed.” A repair in the range of $20-$30 can give them several extra years of life, and leave you feeling like you have a brand new pair of shoes.

How often should you resole shoes?

Most manufacturers limit the number of times they will resole, usually 2 or perhaps 3 times. If the shoe is still in good condition after that you could still get it resoled at a different cobbler, however.

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Can all boots be resoled?

Not all shoes can be resoled. Whether a shoe can be resoled depends entirely on the design and construction of the shoe. On lower quality shoes, replacement soles may not be available. Even if they are, the cost to replace the sole may exceed the cost of the shoe, which doesn’t make sense for the smart consumer.

Do timberlands have a lifetime warranty?

Those boots have to come from the commissary, and Timberland has the contract to provide them. AnnaMarie notes that most men wear the boots year-round, because Timberland boots are pretty great.

Are timberlands worth Resoling?

Timberland doesn’t offer a resoling service, but you can take your boots to a reputable shoe repair shop for new soles. “If the upper part of the shoe dries out or starts cracking, then it’s not worth repairing.

Can I return Timberland boots without receipt?

Returns must be made within 60 days of the original order date. After 60 days, returns will only be accepted for defective merchandise. At this time, we are unable to accept returns for customized products. Simply present the packing slip, together with the original credit card used to make your purchase, for a refund.

Is it worth Resoling cheap boots?

Resoling may not be cost-efficient for inexpensive boots. If you spent less to buy the boots than it’s going to cost to get them resoled, you may be better off simply buying a new pair. Resoling is most cost-efficient for expensive, well-crafted boots.

Can walking shoes be resoled?

Usually, it is only possible to resole shoes with a “cemented” or ““double-stitched” construction. These constructions connect the insole, outsole and other lower parts of the shoes in such a way that a clean separation and renewal of the sole is possible. Not all shoes can be completely resoled.

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Can you get rubber soled shoes resoled?

We’ll start basic: Most shoes with leather or faux leather soles can be re -soled when they begin to show wear. Some rubber-bottom shoes and boots can be re-soled, too. Vibram soles are often recommended.

Can shoe soles be replaced?

Soles need to be replaced when holes appear, the old soles soften at the points of greatest wear, or you begin to feel the ground. You can get either full replacement soles or half soles. Full soles cost more (typically $10 to $14 extra) and require that the heel be replaced, even if it has not yet worn down.

How much does it cost to put rubber soles on shoes?

Adding New Soles Cobblers usually fix soles by adding half or full new soles; you’ll want to specify whether you want leather, rubber, or foam soles ahead of time (leather tends to be slightly more). In New York, we’ve been quoted everything from $30 to $55 for a half sole and $40 to $75 for a full sole.

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