FAQ: Can You Boat On Dillon Reservoir?

What kind of boats are allowed on Lake Dillon?

RESERVOIR RESTRICTIONS: Kayaks, canoes are allowed with the use of a life jacket, and Stand Up Paddleboards are allowed with the use of a PFD (life jacket) and leash.

Can you kayak on Dillon Reservoir?

Non-motorized vessels, such as SUPs, kayaks, and canoes may launch publicly accessible shoreline areas. Personal water craft, such as jet skis, and towed activities, such as water skiing are prohibited on Dillon Reservoir.

Does Dillon Reservoir have a beach?

Where the waters of Dillon Reservoir meet the sandy beach, yes beach, of Frisco’s marina, you will find fun. Crews moved millions of pounds of dirt and boat docks making room for a bigger beach. While the beach is surrounded by towering mountains, it has all of the things one expects to find at a tropical paradise.

Where can you swim in Dillon Reservoir?

While swimming is prohibited in Dillon Reservoir, it is allowed at Green Mountain Reservoir, which is about 25 miles north of Dillon. Ransom said rules vary from place to place but that places at lower elevations around the Front Range typically will allow swimming.

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Why is there no swimming in Lake Dillon?

As the largest reservoir in the Denver Water system, Dillon has been off-limits to swimmers due to health department guidelines that discouraged body contact with a drinking water supply. Currently, the reservoir allows sail and motor boats, as well as smaller water craft such as canoes and kayaks.

Can you swim in Frisco Bay?

The newly improved Frisco Bay Marina at Dillon Reservoir is now fully open for summer boating, kayaking, canoeing and generally enjoying some of Colorado’s high-country recreation opportunities. Specifically, swimming is not allowed in Dillon Reservoir, or any Denver Water reservoir, because the water is too cold.

What is the water temperature of Dillon Reservoir?

Even in the summer months when the weather is warm and all the snow has melted, the average water temperature at Dillon Reservoir sits in the low 60s. For comparison, Rio Olympians will be swimming in 71-degree water outdoors and 82-degree water indoors.

How cold is the Dillon Reservoir?

How cold is Dillon? On average, Dillon is around 50 degrees, but early season it can be as cold as 45 degrees, and in late summer, it can be as high as 65 degrees.

Is Dillon Reservoir full?

Dillon Reservoir is now 100% full, according to Denver Water, which manages the reservoir.

How deep is the Dillon Reservoir?

With an average depth of 79 feet and a full-pool sur- face elevation of 9,017 feet, Dillon is high, deep, and cold. These characteristics make it a relatively unproductive reservoir and managing a fishery there has always been a challenge.

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Is Dillon Reservoir still frozen?

Everywhere, that is, except Dillon Reservoir, which remains stubbornly un-frozen even as the new year approaches. The latest freeze on record was in 1981, when the reservoir didn’t ice over until Jan. 31. The earliest freeze the reservoir has ever seen is early December, according to data from Denver Water.

Can you swim in Twin Lakes Colorado?

Twin Lakes, located in Leadville, Colorado, are two naturally formed glacial lakes with the beautiful backdrop of Colorado’s highest mountain peak, Mount Elbert. Although Twin Lakes are considered glacial lakes, their water temperatures range from 65°–75° in the summer months, which allows for a comfortable swim.

Are dogs allowed at Dillon Reservoir?

There are two marinas that rent boats, one on each side of the lake. Dillon Marina – The Dillon Marina claims the status of the world’s highest deep-water marina. Dogs are even permitted on the boats! They offer sailing school and lessons, as well as marina storage, boat tours, and lakeside dining.

What kind of fish are in Lake Dillon?

Happy New Year’s from Silver Flask Fishing 2019 is starting off with some extreme weather patterns on Lake Dillon in Summit County, Colorado. The fish are feeding less aggressive traveling in schools throughout the day. The lake has about 8-10 inches of ice in most places.

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