FAQ: Can You Keep Your Boat At Lake Ponderosa?

Is Lake Ponderosa private?

Lake Ponderosa is a beautiful, private residential lake along Diamond Trail, just three miles west of Montezuma. The 440- acres of wooded landscape and seven miles of shoreline offer a beautiful setting for the 700 households that call Lake Ponderosa home.

How big is Ponderosa lake?

Description: Ponderosa Lake is the largest impoundment within the Mazonia complex, covering 148.9 surface acres with depths to 60 feet. It is isolated from all other water areas.

Where is lake Ponderosa?

Lake Ponderosa is located about 8 miles south of I-80 off the Montezuma, IA exit 191 in Poweshiek County.

How big is Montezuma Iowa?

6,449 kmĀ²

How many acres is Lake Panorama?

Today Lake Panorama is the largest private lake in Iowa with 1,160 acres of lake surface within the development and more than 30 miles of shoreline. So far, about 1,000 residences have been built at the lake. The Lake Panorama Association now represents more than 1,750 member/property owners.

How many acres is Lake sundown?

The Sundown Lake development is comprised of over 2400 acres of land that encompasses the lake, which is 400+ acres. The lake is entirely private, meaning that only owners and their guests have the authority to use the lake, keeping boat traffic light and the area clean and beautiful.

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What county is Rathbun Lake?

Rathbun Lake, which has 155 miles of shoreline at full pool, extends westward approximately 18 miles into Lucas, Wayne, and Monroe Counties, Iowa. The Chariton River and the South Fork tributary of the Chariton River are the major water sources into the Lake.

What county is Montezuma IA in?

Considered part of the Southeast Iowa region, Poweshiek County is home to nearly 19,000 residents in 10 cities and surrounding areas. I-80 and US Highway 63 are key assets that connect us to a growing region. Montezuma is the county seat.

Is Montezuma Iowa Safe?

Montezuma is safer versus other cities of the same size for crime. The table below compares crime in cities with comparable overall population in the city’s boundaries. Considering only the crime rate, Montezuma is as safe as the Iowa state average and safer than the national average.

What restaurants are in Montezuma Iowa?

Restaurants in Montezuma, IA

  • Casa Margaritas. Restaurants. (641) 623-5066.
  • Home Town Restaurant. Restaurants.
  • Jumpin’ Jimmy’s. RestaurantsPizza.
  • Just A Small Town Grill. RestaurantsCoffee Shops.
  • Pizza Russell T’s. RestaurantsPizza.
  • Pub Sauce’d Pizza. RestaurantsPizza.
  • Daily Grind. RestaurantsCoffee Shops.
  • Marcia’s Vineya. Restaurants.

How did what cheer get its name?

What Cheer was founded in 1865 as Petersburg, named after Peter Britton, its founder. This name was rejected by the Post Office, forcing a change of name. Joseph Andrews, a major and veteran of the American Civil War, suggested the name “What Cheer,” and the town was officially renamed on December 1, 1879.

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