Often asked: Can Kara Luther And Alice All Survive On The Boat?

Can Luther survive the boat?

Luther can be saved but not in all end-game branches. Crossing the Detroit River to get to Canada by boat is the only branch where he always dies. Luther shares his likeness with WB400 androids.

How do you get Kara Alice and Luther across the river?

To earn this trophy, the player must keep Kara and Alice alive and choose to help Luther in Crossroads when he gets shot, then near the end of the chapter select PLAY DEAD and DON’T MOVE. During Battle for Detroit, Kara must help Luther in the streets towards the bus station. This will also save Jerry.

How do I keep Luther and Kara alive?

You can choose to sacrifice them, but if you play as a pacifist with Markus, you can actually go straight up to the kiosk and plead your case with the government officer. He’ll look at the television and see Markus’ peaceful protest, allowing Kara, Alice, and Luther to pass safely and earn their freedom.

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Can Kara and Alice make it to Canada?

If Kara chooses “Sacrifice “, the guard will comfort Alice, telling her not to worry or asking if she is alright. If Kara chooses “No Sacrifice” and the protest has been peaceful, he will be compassionate and allow the trio to enter Canada despite them being Androids.

Is rA9 a Markus?

Markus: Throughout the game, it is said that rA9 will be the one who will set the androids free. Markus, as the eventual leader of the Android Rebellion, seems to fit this criteria. Depending on the playthrough, he can be the one who frees most of the androids and thus, he is rA9.

What is rA9?

rA9 is a word repeatedly used by deviant androids. “rA9” (or its all-caps spelling “RA9”) consistently appears around deviant androids. They speak the word, hold it important, and write it down, over and over, in many places.

Can Alice and Kara survive?

Once you’ve been caught, you’ll have to do everything that guards are going to tell you. The next scene is an attempt to find the way to Alice. If Alice’s stress ratio reaches 100%, she panics and starts running to Kara – if you don’t intervene on time, Kara and Alice will die; otherwise only Kara will die.

What happens if Kara and Alice get caught?

This usually happens when she is caught disobeying orders, like not moving forward in the line, or getting out of line. Any androids (Kara, Alice, or Luther) killed in the detention camp, will end up in the landfill (and dead).

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Does Luther survive Jericho?

During the Military’s attack on Jericho, you’ll be given the option to help Luther after he gets shot, do so and you’ll keep him alive.

What happens if Kara gets caught?

All of this leads to Kara getting caught. She can die if you decide to attack or to protect Alice (unless Luther has been left in the hideout; after that he can help you but then he will get shot). Choose the “play dead” option if you want to complete this chapter successfully.

What happens if Connor catches Kara?

If Connor is not killed, he will catch Kara. If he gets away, she will run away. If not – she will die. Regardless of whether Kara escaped Connor or died, you still have the option of saving Connor in the last QTE.

Is Alice an android DBH?

In reality, she is a YK500 child android, bought to replace Todd’s biological daughter who left with her mother. Since the YK500 model was released in 2033, Alice has been with Todd 5 years at the most.

Should Kara sacrifice Jerry?

He will become separated from Kara and Alice, but players will find him later with the hostage Jerry and then they can choose to save him. Do not sacrifice him at the border. It is possible to escape the recycling center with Luther in tow, but it will be hard to save Jerry, so try to avoid ending up there.

What happens if Markus sacrifices himself?

If Markus sacrifices himself or loses the battle against the police he will either be saved by John, Simon or no one. If John joined Jericho in Spare Parts, he will always sacrifice himself regardless of Simon’s presence.

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