Often asked: Can Public Use Boat Launch On Thompson’s Lake Ny?

How deep is Thompsons Lake?

Thompsons Lake, in Berne and Knox, is. 9 miles long and has a mean depth of 41 feet.

What time does Thompsons Lake open?

Generator use allowable hours: 9am to 11am and 5pm to 9pm. Firearms, fireworks, chainsaws and subletting are not allowed at the park.

How many acres is Thompsons Lake NY?

Thompson’s Lake State Park is a 308-acre (1.25 km2) state park located near East Berne in Albany County, New York.

Can you swim in Thompson Lake?

No person shall swim, bathe, or waterski within 25 meters of an area designated for the docking or mooring of boats. Sport Fishing: (a) The Park Authority may designate any area of waters in or adjacent to the Park where sport fishing is prohibited.

Is Thompsons Lake open?

Park is open for day use year round.

Can you swim at Thacher Park?

There is no swimming on this hike, but there is camping and swimming at Thompson Lake State Park, which is part of the same preserve.

Can you fish at Thacher Park?

Winter Sports Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails are available during winter season. Showshoe rentals are available as well. Ice fishing is also permitted.

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Is Thacher Park open?

The park is open year round, sunrise until sunset. Interpretive Programs: Year-round. Call 518-872-0800 for details. Skiing, Snowmobiling and Mountain Biking: Available on designated trails only.

Where is Thompson Lake in Maine?

Thompson Lake is situated about thirty minutes from Lewiston-Auburn and forty five minutes from Portland, two of Maine’s most populated cities. Public boat launches are located in the towns of Casco, Otisfield, and Oxford. Thompson Lake is rated one of the ten best bodies of water in Maine for water quality.

How big is Thompson Lake Howell MI?

At 270 acres, Thompson Lake is the 432nd largest lake in Michigan by surface area. The maximum depth is 53 feet, and the average depth is 9.8 feet.

What county is Thompson Lake Maine in?

Thompson Lake is rated as one of the top ten lakes in Maine for water quality and is located in three Maine counties: Androscoggin, Cumberland, and Oxford counties.

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