Often asked: Can The H100 Boat Handle A 3s Lipo Battery?

Can I put a bigger battery in my RC boat?

A higher current capacity can run it longer, but if it weighs too much more than the one it is replacing, it may either sink the boat, or – by pushing the hull deeper into the water – slow it down,. If too high in the boat, it could capsize it.

What batteries does a Traxxas Spartan take?

The transmitter requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Driving tips and adjustments for your Spartan. Follow these critical steps to maintain the performance of your Spartan and keep it in excellent running condition.

How fast does the Traxxas boat go?

The fun and versatile Blast gets two new colors to join the powerful 50+mph DCB-M41 and Spartan. No matter where your adventures take you, from pools to lakes, Traxxas has the perfect boat to make this summer a memorable one. The Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive.

How fast does the Traxxas spartan go?

The 50+MPH Spartan means business with its super-rigid, 36-inch deep-V hull, and smooth, cable-drive efficiency.

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How many volts can my RC car handle?

The most common configurations are 2-cell, 7.4-volt packs (2 x 3.7 = 7.4) and 3-cell, 11.1V packs. Depending on your model and how much voltage it can handle, you may even be able to use 4, 5, or 6-cell packs—again, check those power-system specs!

How can I speed up my RC boat?

In most cases, upgrading your battery will not only get you faster speeds but it will also increase the amount of time your boat can be on the water before needing recharged. Having an extra 30 minutes of fun per charge is well worth the investment and the extra speed is just a nice added bonus.

Is the Traxxas Spartan self righting?

Spartan is the kind of boat you expect from Traxxas. The 23-inch RTR Deep-V River Jet Boat lets you cruise anywhere—including through rapids and moving water. Plus, thanks to its self-righting feature the boat flips back over in a matter of seconds by activating the throttle.

How can I make my Traxxas Blast faster?

A simple way to make the boat faster,is using a seven cell batterypack You may want to add watercooling to the esc and motor, as the extra cell will generate more heat. Changing from the stock battery to a seven cell GP3300 pack, makes cooling imperative, as the longer runtime produces even more heat.

Is Traxxas Spartan waterproof?

Waterproof Electronics Traxxas electronics are fully waterproof (not just water resistant). The speed control, servo, and receiver all feature rugged waterproofing protection for dependable operation you can count on.

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Does the Traxxas Spartan come with a battery?

It boasts long-range, high-output 2.4GHz signal and proven Traxxas reliability along with a full range of tuning features. To get you up and running quickly, Traxxas included two 7-cell Power Cell NiMH battery packs to give the Spartan 16.8-volts of roost throwing power.

Does the Traxxas Spartan come with batteries?

Extreme Velineon brushless horsepower delivers the muscle you want with the reliability you expect from Traxxas. 30+mph out of the box on the included 7-cell battery packs is just the start. The VXL-6s Marine electronic speed control is built for true 6S LiPo power.

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