Often asked: Can We Run Hei Ignitions In A Boat?

Can you run a HEI distributor on a boat?

GM HEI distributors are a great set up for a jet boat. The reason you read that they shouldn’t use one for a marine application is that they are not USCG Approved for marine applications.

What does a distributor on a boat do?

The distributor is a very uniquely designed part that serves many functions. Its main job is to tell each spark plug when to fire, and it also self adjusts spark advance to keep the motor at peak performance.

How does a boat ignition switch work?

The ignition switch on most outboard motors is operated by a key, much like used traditionally in vehicles. The rotating switch is used to control the engine and starter motor, while the push switch generally operates a priming circuit to aid in engine starting.

When did Mercruiser go to electronic ignition?

Mercruiser introduced the Thunderbolt IV onto their engines in 1982, alongside the introduction of the 1-R drives. The TB-IV system was used until the introduction of TB-V mid-way through 1996.

What’s better HEI or points?

“We recommend converting to an electronic ignition on a musclecar engine over a point -type ignition system for several reasons. Also, HEIs allow full alternator voltage to go through the ignition system, which with our 50,000-volt coil allows larger plug gaps for better combustion and more power.

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Can I convert my distributor to HEI?

When converting from a points-style distributor to an HEI unit on most 1970-and-earlier vehicles, it’s a good idea to run a new 12-gauge wire from the BAT terminal in the HEI distributor cap, then splice into the ignition key on the main feed wire (usually the pink one). Remember to also install new HEI plug wires.

Is a HEI distributor better?

An HEI distributor is a great piece of equipment for an over-the-road car because it is completely self-contained. But without an external coil, a stock HEI cannot provide a strong spark at rpm levels commonly seen on the racetrack. Engines with higher compression or more horsepower also require a hotter spark.

When I turn the key on my boat nothing happens?

If you turn the key and nothing happens and all else checks out then possibly a bad switch or cut, broken, or corroded wire on the neutral safety switch on the trans. You could try moving the throttle at the helm forward and back and see if it cranks.

How do I replace a lost boat key?

What to do after losing a boat key?

  1. First, call the local boat dealers if you know the key identification number.
  2. Otherwise, try different keys that fit in the lock.
  3. Call the locksmith if that doesn’t work.
  4. Just change the whole ignition switch to quickly get a pair of new keys if you don’t want to do the above steps.

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