Often asked: Can You Boat From Moon River To Lake Muskoka?

Does Moon River connect to Lake Muskoka?

The Moon River is a river in the municipalities of Georgian Bay and Muskoka Lakes, District Municipality of Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada. It flows from Lake Muskoka at the community of Bala to Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, south of Parry Sound.

Can you boat from Lake Muskoka to Georgian Bay?

It’s possible to cruise the entire 386-kilometre system from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay in a week or so, but you’ll want to take as much time as you can to enjoy everything the waterway has to offer. Heading north along the waterway, the first lock is called the Greenhorn, for obvious reason.

Can you boat from Bracebridge to Lake Muskoka?

Cruising northeast on Lake Muskoka, you can take a leisurely side trip up the Muskoka River to Bracebridge. There are two separate locks – one for small craft and one for larger boats – to raise your boat into Lake Rosseau.

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Can you boat on Lake Muskoka?

The Township of Muskoka Lakes offers a number of municipal docks, boat launches, and lake access points for all residents and visitors to enjoy Muskoka’s clear waters.

Can you swim in Moon River?

– After five people were swept away in four days by rapid, churning waters in Muskoka, the summer playground of central Ontario, police have a message for swimmers thinking of entering similar waterways: just don ‘t. Despite the obvious danger, both the Moon River Falls and Bala Falls remain summer hot spots.

Can you boat from Lake Muskoka to Lake Rosseau?

The Port Carling locks allow boats to pass through between Lake Rosseau and Lake Muskoka at regular intervals every hour. Port Carling is known for charming artisans, friendly local businesses and beautiful shops.

How long does it take to boat from Lake Simcoe to Georgian Bay?

The largest body of water in Southern Ontario (with the exception of the Great Lakes) Lake Simcoe is nearly round with two large bays, Kempenfelt and Cook’s, and while it may only take an hour (or less) to cruise from one end to the other, it’s recommended to spend some time and enjoy its several summertime communities

Can you boat across Georgian Bay?

Starting at the bottom of Georgian Bay in either Midland or Penetandguishene, you can cruise west up the eastern shore of the Bruce Peninsula in relatively open water but protected from the prevailing westerly winds.

How long does it take to boat across Georgian Bay?

Visit Georgian Bay – Power Boating – Cross Georgian Bay ( 9 – 10 Days )

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Are boat launches closed in Muskoka?

Muskoka Marinas announced on Twitter that they have closed all of their facilities and services in response to the province’s update. Meanwhile, Rideau Lakes Township has closed all public boat launches, docks, and harbours.

Can you boat from Bracebridge to Huntsville?

Wyllie, who owns Lady Muskoka Cruises in Bracebridge, is bringing boat tours to Huntsville. Two more boats— the Algonquin II which will be moored at Huntsville’s Town Dock and a third that will be used in Bracebridge—are part way through their journey to Muskoka but won’t complete the remainder until the spring.

Where is the Muskoka River?

The Muskoka River Watershed (2EB) is located on the eastern side of Georgian Bay. The headwaters of the river arise on the western slopes of Algonquin Park, and flow southwesterly for a distance of approximately 210 kilometers to discharge into the southeast corner of Georgian Bay.

Where can I boat on Lake Muskoka?

Boat & Bask in the Beauty of Muskoka Lakes

  • Plan your own boat tour of these must-see spots.
  • Bala – Lake Muskoka.
  • Port Carling – Lake Muskoka/Lake Rosseau.
  • Windermere – Lake Rosseau.
  • Minett – Lake Rosseau.
  • Port Sandfield – Lake Rosseau.

Where is Millionaires Row Muskoka?

Information about Millionaire’s Row Cruise on Lady Muskoka Lady Muskoka Millionaire Row Cruise tour starts on the Muskoka River at Bracebridge, Ontario, which is two hours’ drive from Toronto. The cruise has three decks and can accommodate a number of 300 passengers.

Where can I launch my boat on Windermere?

Ferry Nab Marina stands on the shore of Windermere within walking distance of Bowness. There are 10 berths for boats up to 14m and 16 berths for boats up to 13m.

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