Often asked: Can You Boat To Bathtub Beach?

Why is it called Bathtub Beach?

Originally named as Stuart Beach, this beach is more well known as Bathtub Beach. The reason why it’s called Bathtub Beach is because of the reef that exists under the water, which is the largest living Sabellariidae worm reef in the whole country. The reefs itself makes the water like a bathtub during calm weather.

Why is Bathtub Reef Beach closed?

Actually, right now Bathtub Beach really doesn’t exist. Martin County officials closed the iconic beach in November after high tides and rough surf washed away tons of sand, eroding the beach right up to the dune line.

Is Bathtub Beach still closed?

Bathtub Reef Beach will remained closed until shortly after the project is completed, said county spokesperson Martha Ann Kneiss. The shoreline has been closed to the public since Nov. 5.

Does Bathtub Beach have bathrooms?

There are bathrooms in the southern end. A nice gazebo is still standing and you can get great views from the vantage point. There is a shower to wash off. There are lifeguards at this beach depending on the season and conditions.

Does Bathtub Beach allow dogs?

No dogs or other pets are permitted east of the dune line in guarded areas between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. All Dogs shall be permitted on a leash elsewhere in the park, so long as the dog is properly restrained pursuant to Section 9.90. I have seen leashed dogs on Bathtub reef.

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Where do you snorkel in a Bathtub Reef?

One of the best snorkeling areas near the island lies on Bathtub Reef Beach, a public beach in Stuart. Scuba diving takes place in the reef located just offshore.

Where in Florida is Hutchinson Island?

Located off the coast of Martin and St. Lucie counties, Hutchinson Island is a barrier island bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Indian River on the west. Hutchinson Island is home to the Elliot Museum, the historic House of Refuge and the Florida Oceanographic Society.

Are Martin County beaches closed?

Beaches are now open only to Martin County residents. For weeks, county legal staff advised commissioners they were unable to restrict access to the beaches to residents only because the beaches are funded by federal tax dollars.

Does Stuart Florida have a beach?

Stuart Beach is located across from the Elliott Museum and the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. The park offers a variety of amenities including covered picnic areas, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, showers, restrooms and more.

Is Stuart Florida on the east or west coast?

Stuart, Florida is located on Florida’s East Coast, which borders the St. Lucie River and West of the Indian River.

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