Often asked: Can You Paint A Boat Motor?

How much does it cost to paint an outboard motor?

Typically, the cost for repainting a complete outboard motor with new factory decals will run between $900 and $1500 depending on the size of the motor. The cost of refurbishing and repainting the cowling only will run between $350 and $600 depending on the size of the cowling.

What should I spray on my outboard motor?

Treat your engine with silicone spray. Every second or third trip, remove the hood of your outboard (make sure the engine is turned off and cool to the touch) and apply a thin film of silicone spray to the power head. Be sure to use a type of silicone spray that won’t damage rubber and plastic.

Why are marine engines painted?

Why should you paint your boat’s engine? In addition to their aesthetic appeal, engine paints protect the metal surfaces of engines against rust and corrosion. A side benefit of painting your boat’s engine is that the smooth surface that the paint creates can make the engine easier to clean.

What paint does Yamaha use?

Yamaha marine paints, under the Yamalube family of products, are manufactured by ColorRite, the leader in OEM-Matched Motorcycle & Powersport Paint for more than 25 years. Yamalube Marine Paint includes a full line of touch-up, aerosol, and professional sizes for your Yamaha outboard engine.

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What is Yamashield?

Description. A high-quality combination of solvents, lubricants and waxes designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication while providing a shield of protection. It loosens rusty and corroded parts that dries to a thin, waxy film that clings to metal that requires a solvent to cut through.

What kind of paint do you use on an outboard motor?

Durability: The pros use automotive enamel with hardener, shot from a professional spray gun, and finished with clearcoat. This makes for a very hard and durable finish. Spray cans just don’t have the same finish hardness.

Should I paint my lower unit?

Exposing bare aluminum to water, even fresh water, invites corrosion. You can protect the sizeable financial investment in your ourboard with just a few cents of primer paint. It is recommended as a primer and corrosion protection for aluminum outboard and outdrive lower units.

Can you use wd40 on boat motor?

WD-40 multi-use product can clean and maintain your boat! No longer confined to the garage, WD-40 can clean and protect all the metalwork on your boat, including pulleys and engines. Simply spray WD-40 directly or onto a clean cloth and wipe the surface over to remove dirt, grime, mildew and water marks.

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