Often asked: Can You Paint Over Metal Flake Boat Forum?

Can you paint over metal flake?

Metal flake paint is a common decorative option for cars and other equipment, like skateboards or guitars. To create this type of paint, mix metal flake powder into a thinned-out clear paint base. Once you’ve poured this paint mixture into your paint sprayer, apply the mixed paint to your desired surface.

Can you add metal flake to gel coat?

Although it appears that the metal flakes are mixed into the base coat, they are usually mixed into the clear gel coat. This can be applied over the colored gel coat and the metal flake is usually coated with clear gelcoat for added UV protection and to smooth the surface.

Can you paint over existing boat paint?

If you’re applying over old bottom paint, you can skip the de-waxing process and simply sand or power wash away any old or loose paint. Also, you won’t need to roll and tip; most people skip the tip part of this equation since the bottom will be underwater anyway, and simply roll the paint right on.

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Can you add metal flake to single stage paint?

It has to be sprayed over the color, while suspended in either an intercoat clear, (when spraying over a base coat only), or in a regular clear, over base or single stage. Test panels will be the only judge how much you need to add to your clear, to get the desired results.

Can you mix metal flake in base coat?

Just choose your base coat (black is good if you want the paint to take on the color of the flakes), and add a heaping tablespoon of our flake to any clear coat (although we recommend a base clear for mixing the flake into, like PPG’s DBC-500, or HOK’s intercoat clear).

Is gel coat a paint?

Gelcoat is typically much thicker than a paint and is designed to protect the underlying fiberglass as well as provide a smooth shiny appearance. However, the nice thing about the gelcoat repair kits is that they come with tints so that you can try to match your existing gelcoat color.

Why are bass boats so sparkly?

Why do bass boats have such sparkly glitter paint? The answer is both by manufacturers to attract fishermen buyer’s to a good-looking boat and to hide the scratches and scuffs associated with hard fishing the boat will endure. There is also some belief that the reflection of the glitter will attract fish.

How do you fix flaky gel coat?


  1. Peel off the plastic wrap after the gelcoat has fully hardened.
  2. Sand finish the repair area beginning with 150-grit dry sandpaper on a sanding block.
  3. Continue to sand with successively finer grits of wet/dry sandpaper from 220-grit up to 600-grit to remove the scratches and finish the surface.
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How do you mix gelcoat for spraying?

When using styrene thinner, add to gel coat at 2-5% to lower viscosity and aid in spraying. Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive is added at a 1:1 ratio. For all applications below the water line, add #71 Styrene Wax at 5% and mix thoroughly. Catalyze gel coat with #69 MEKP at 1.5%.

How much does it cost to repaint a boat?

The cost is usually calculated per linear foot. Professional topside painting can range from $100 to $400. On average, it can be around $200. Bottom painting ranges from $15 to $100 per linear foot professionally.

Can you paint directly over gelcoat?

If the gelcoat is in good condition with no major cracking or crazing, the job is relatively straightforward—clean and prepare the surface, apply an epoxy primer, sand the primer, remove the sanding residue and then apply the topcoat.

What is the best paint to use on fiberglass?

Acrylic Latex Acrylic paint adheres well to fiberglass, overcoming one of the main challenges to painting this material. Acrylic paint is less likely to crack and blister, and will hold up well to cleaning. This water-based paint is easy to apply, and contains fewer chemicals, so is more environmentally friendly.

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