Question: Can Pontoon Boats Go On Ocean?

How do pontoon boats do in the ocean?

Pontoon boats are built for sun, fun and leisure activities. That’s what’s so great about their flat, expansive decks. But when it comes to high waves and choppy waters, that flat deck isn’t as seaworthy as other recreational boats. Built to sit lower in the water to glide on the water, not cut into the waves.

How long can pontoon boats stay in saltwater?

A boat can only safely stay in saltwater for about one week, but in most cases, three to four weeks in freshwater will not cause damage. When you leave a boat sitting in water, it never gets a chance for the construction materials to dry out.

Can pontoon boats handle rough water?

Pontoons are Built for Rough Water. If you’re considering a pontoon boat and boat on rough water, the first thing you want to consider is how it’s built. With today’s performance pontoons, the construction has evolved to be heavier duty than ever before. A solid built boat will stand up to rough water best.

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How safe is pontoon boat?

The pontoon boat is very safe when the waves are small but when the waves get bigger, watch out. During the storm or heavy rain, pontoon boats are more dangerous than ordinary ā€œVā€ boats. Large waves cause problems because pontoon boats are diving into the wave, and not go over them.

What does salt water do to a pontoon boat?

Although rust isn’t the issue when it comes to pontoon boats in salt water, this type of boat is more prone to galvanic corrosion. Corrosion occurs when there is a chemical reaction between the metal and the salt water.

Can I leave my boat in the water all year?

As stated above, as a general guideline, your boat should be stored in the water no longer than 30 days straight. A protected boat can theoretically sit on the water all year long, or even longer than that, but this is usually not encouraged due to the damage and deterioration that can occur over time.

How do you clean a pontoon boat after salt water?

Here are some very short tips on how to clean up your pontoon after a saltwater journey:

  1. Wash down with freshwater then rinse with a high-powered hose.
  2. Flush any saltwater out from between the bunks.
  3. Let your boat dry out completely.
  4. Once dry, cover it to keep saltwater off the boat.
  5. Flush the motor on a regular basis.

Why would a pontoon boat nosedive?

A pontoon boat can nose dive for multiple reasons. However, exceeding weight limits, bad distribution of weight, fitting the wrong motors, having water in the tubes, taking waves and wake too fast and using the boat in very challenging conditions can all cause a pontoon boat to nose dive.

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Is it easy to flip a pontoon boat?

Because of their design, pontoon boats handle pretty well in windy conditions and choppy or rough water. Two hulls allow the boat to be more stable and sit on top of the waves while a mono-hull vessel sits in the waves. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that your pontoon will flip, tip, or capsize.

How deep does the water need to be for a pontoon boat?

It’s often possible for an average pontoon to be safely navigated through water that is two feet in depth.

Do pontoon boats hold their value?

While pontoon boats do not hold their value, you will still get value from using them. Pontoon boats lose their value quite a bit in the first couple of years. After the first few years, the depreciation will slow down.

Is Godfrey a good pontoon boat?

Sumptuous, roomy and filled with all the best amenities, Godfrey pontoon boats carry on the company legacy by consistently providing families with excellent recreational watercraft.

Who makes the most luxurious pontoon boats?

Avalon Pontoon Boats is a world-leading manufacturer of award-winning luxury pontoon boats that is committed to the Art of the Pontoon. For over 48 years Avalon has been passionate about creating Artistic pontoon designs, rigorous high quality, and outstanding customer service.

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