Question: Can Regular Plywood Be Used On A Pontoon Boat?

What kind of plywood do you use for a pontoon boat?

Your best bet is to use marine-grade plywood to refurbish your pontoon deck.) Depending on where you go, marine-grade plywood will likely be about twice as expensive, and at places like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards, it must be special ordered.

Can I use treated plywood on my pontoon boat?

CCA treated plywood does not need to be coated or treated before installation and has 7 plys that have been pressed and glued together then kiln dried, it will not warp or rot. This plywood is distributed through Huttig Corporation and is the same plywood used on all 2014 Bennington and South Bay pontoon boats.

How thick is pontoon plywood?

Replace the decking of your boat with durable, marine grade plywood from Pontoon Specialists. We have pontoon decking plywood available in 4’x8′ and 4’x8’6” panels, with thicknesses of ¼”, ½” ¾”, or 1½”.

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What can I use instead of marine plywood?

The 9 best marine plywood alternatives are as follows:

  • Fiberboard (Medium Density Board)
  • Exterior Grade Plywood.
  • Fiber Cement Board.
  • Birch Plywood.
  • Ribbon Grain Plywood.
  • Wax Resin Fiberboard.
  • 3M Reinforced Polyurethane Foam Boards.
  • Thermo-Lite Board.

How much does it cost to replace carpet on a pontoon boat?

It costs around $3,000 to replace the carpets in a pontoon boat. The materials cost about $500 and the labor from the shop adds about another $2,500 (give or take a couple hundred).

How much is a 4×8 sheet of marine plywood?

The average price, depending on the thickness, the number of plys and dimensions, is anywhere from $45 to $215+ per sheet. A common unfinished 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ AB marine plywood board, for example, can retail for about $70. To price it per square foot, it can be between $2 to $3 for the materials alone.

Will SeaDek stick to plywood?

The SeaDek will stick initially, but it will be bumpy and might have adhes… see more. I recommend flattening the area with marine-grade plywood, have the plywood sealed with polyurethane, and then you can adhere the SeaDek to the area.

How long will pressure treated plywood last on a boat?

Although waterproof plywood may come at an increased cost, it often is more affordable long-term to use it for your construction projects. Marine grade plywood can last anywhere from ten years to more than twenty-five years, depending on the quality and grade of the plywood and how the plywood is used.

Can plywood be waterproofed?

Many types of waterproofing are available to protect plywood. The most common type sold in home improvement stores is the paint-on or spray-on type of waterproofing. These typically are liquid latex substances applied to the surface of the plywood while wet. Once they dry, they form a plastic, protective layer.

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Are lifting strakes worth the money?

How Much Do Lifting Strakes Cost? Adding decent lifting strakes to your boat will set you back around $2,000, but it could be an investment that is well worth making for optimum speed abilities. However, it is worth mentioning here that most boats will come with lifting strakes already on.

How long does a pontoon deck last?

Pontoon deck boats are expected to last between 10 and 12 years. The aluminum hulls of pontoon deck boats only dent rather than breaking or cracking if subjected to impact. On the flip side, the fiberglass hulls of other boats are prone to damage.

What is marine grade plywood?

Marine plywood is the highest graded plywood in the plywood industry. The name of these plywood suggests that these are used for the boat construction industry because they are highly resistant to water. Boats require a tremendous resistance to water. Hence, they are made to withstand long exposure to water.

Can you make marine plywood waterproof?

If marine plywood is exposed to water, it must be prepared with a protective finish and waterproof glue. As plywood is a laminated material, it responds extremely well to waterproofing and is also super easy to protect. If you are using an oil based waterproofing option use a soft brush to get the best coverage.

How do you waterproof marine plywood?

With normal plywood, you would use two coats of sealer, maybe even three. A good rule of thumb for sealing marine plywood is to apply as many layers of sealer as there are layers in the plywood. If you have purchased plywood with six layers, for example, apply six layers of epoxy to seal it.

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