Question: Can You Add Joy Stick To Shaft Boats?

Can a joystick be added to a boat?

With a simple movement of the hand, the Yacht Controller Joystick JCS allows simultaneous operation of the engines and of the bow and stern thrusters, enabling you to maneuver and move your boat in any direction securely, precisely, and simply, with total ease.

How much does it cost to install a joystick on a boat?

Joystick costs are not insignificant. The unit on Arawak retails for $4,800 and installation of the control and attendant components goes for about $5,000. If your boat is equipped with bow and stern thruster the cost decreases dramatically.

Can you add axius to a boat?

“ Axius is being installed on boats from 28 feet to 40 feet,” says Noyes. Operation of Axius-controlled boats is intuitive. If you want the boat to go directly to starboard, just push the joystick to the right. If it’s port you want, move it to the left.

What is joystick control on a boat?

Joystick systems essentially replace the conventional outboard controls and cables with fly-by-wire electronics. A joystick allows the operator to synchronize engines with one hand, and the owner can even adjust the detents and throttle resistance for their personal preferences.

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How much does Optimus 360 cost?

The suggested price for the Optimus Electronic Power Steering is $7,495. That includes all the components, wiring harnesses and fluid. The complete Optimus 360 package, which adds the electronic throttle and shift and the joystick control, lists at $17,995.

Does Optimus 360 have spot lock?

What could be easier? SeaStation is an add -on system to SeaStar’s state of the art Optimus 360 joystick control system. SeaStation’s dual antenna GPS sensor provides input to the Optimus 360 controls to automatically hold a vessel’s position, heading – or both, depending upon the need.

What does Dockmate cost?

Retail price for Dockmate: $6,800 for a five-function system that controls two engines, a thruster, an anchor and a horn.

What is axius?

Axius (Greek: Ἀξιός) is a Paeonian river god, the son of Oceanus and Tethys. The river god is ancestor of Euphemus and his son, Eurybarus, the hero who slew the drakaina Sybaris.

Does Suzuki have joystick control?

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced that it has a new Joystick Control System in development. The new joystick system will integrate seamlessly with Suzuki Precision Control, its proprietary drive-by-wire system that is available on the Suzuki DF250AP and flagship DF300AP models.

What is a skyhook on a boat?

Mercury Skyhook digital anchor allows you to lock your boat’s position using a GPS satellite antenna. Then, working with your engines and drives, Skyhook maintains your position and heading regardless of wind or current.

How much does Mercury Skyhook cost?

The latest SkyHook enhancements for Mercury joystick-equipped vessels are available as downloads from Mercury’s GoFree store. They include Heading Adjust ($49.99), BowHook ($49.99) and DriftHook ($449; $499 for all three).

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