Question: Can You Jack Up A Boat Off A Trailer?

How do you jack a boat on a trailer?

Place a jack stand on both sides of the frame. Then lower the tongue jack or the bottle jack until the weight is off of it, and the frame entirely being supported by the jack stand. Next, lift the rear part of the trailer until the rear tires are off the ground.

How do you lift a boat off a trailer at home?

Place a hydraulic bottle jack under the tongue of the trailer and raise the front of the trailer. When the jack extends as high as possible, you may have to place blocks and wooden plates under the keel (at the forward bulkhead location), to support the boat.

How do you lift a boat off the trailer to replace bunks?

Lower the trailer tongue as far as possible, which will raise the stern. Place a jackstand (with wood block on top) under each side of the stern, maybe a little inboard of the lifting strakes. Then jack the tongue up, which will lower the stern onto the jackstands/blocks and lift the boat off of both bunks.

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Should I put my boat trailer on blocks?

To preserve your tires it is a wise idea to put your trailer on blocks when it isn’t being used. This also deters boat theft since it will be that much harder to simply roll your boat away.

Can you store a boat on a trailer?

Avoid placing the boat on a trailer, since its tires and bearings can wear down over time.

Should outboard motor be up or down when trailering?

Re: Towing Position of Outboard If you have the clearance it is always best to trailer with engine down. That puts the least stress on the transom because you are minimizing torque on the transom and the lift mechanism.

What kind of wood is used for boat trailer bunks?

For wood, pressure-treated pine is the industry standard for trailer bunks. Popular alternatives are oak, cypress and other hardwoods that add even more durability. Composite boards used for patio decking are other options, but pressure-treated pine is a proven material with economic benefits.

Where should a boat sit on a trailer?

Set boat on trailer while maintaining no less than 2″ gap between keel and tongue plate cover. The end of the bunks/rollers should be flush with transom and the boweye should reach the winch post.

What size trailer do I need for a 28 foot boat?

Triple-axle trailer – 4,800 lbs to 6,000 lbs. This usually equates to a 28 – 34 foot pontoon boat.

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