Quick Answer: Can You Boat From Australia To New Zealand?

How long does it take to get from Australia to New Zealand by boat?

There are several routes you can take, and they’re all around 1,200 nautical miles. Depending on your boat speed and conditions, this trip is typically one to two weeks long, and the most popular time to make this trip is during the southern hemisphere summer (November through May).

Can you go by boat from Australia to New Zealand?

There is no commercial ferry traveling between these two countries. Apparently, there used to be but it was discontinued. From the port of Auckland, New Zealand to the Port of Sydney, Australia, it’s 1,330 nautical miles of choppy Tasman sea. Some likened the experience to being in a “spin cycle in a washing machine”.

Can I take a boat to New Zealand?

Our National and International Voyages from New Zealand. Voyage Duration – You can cruise on a freighter for as long or as short as you wish—from a 120-day round the world voyage, down to 14-day voyage from Tauranga to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and back to Auckland—the possibilities are many and varied.

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Is there a train from Australia to New Zealand?

From an overnight journey on Australia’s legendary sleeper train, the Ghan, to scenic daylight excursions on New Zealand’s TranzAlpine across the South Island’s width, vacationers can admire rainforests, river valleys, and changing pastoral landscapes.

How do I import a car from Australia to New Zealand?

Shipping a car between Australia and New Zealand is very simple, transit times can be as little as 4 days on the water and the whole process can take as little as two weeks. The documents we require are minimal and we handle everything for you from start to finish.

Can you drive from Australia to New Zealand?

“ You cannot drive between Sydney and Auckland — you’ll get wet crossing the Tasman Sea.” You cannot drive the Tasman Sea between Australia and [New Zealand].”

Can you row from Australia to New Zealand?

Shaun Quincey completed the solo row from Australia to New Zealand in March 2010. Shaun is the son of Colin Quincey, who completed the reverse journey in 1977. 2018. Scott Donaldson completes the first kayak solo row in July 2018 from Coffs Harbour, Australia to New Plymouth, New Zealand.

How do you travel from Australia to New Zealand?

All travellers from Australia to New Zealand must go through managed isolation and quarantine. You can return to New Zealand if you: Are a New Zealand citizen, or. Are a New Zealand permanent resident or resident visa holder, or. 4

How long does it take to get to New Zealand on a boat?

Short Answer: Typically the port to port transit times to New Zealand are between 39 to 41 days, however this can vary depending on your destination port.

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How can I get to New Zealand cheap?

If you aren’t renting a car, buses are the best and cheapest way to get around New Zealand. Buses stop in every town, and there are frequent departures from even the smallest cities.

How long does it take to get to New Zealand from Australia?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Australia and New Zealand is 4,163 km= 2,587 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Australia to New Zealand, It takes 4.62 hours to arrive.

What food do they eat in New Zealand?

While you’re in New Zealand, seek out a few of the following quintessential Kiwi foods and drinks.

  • Crayfish and seafood.
  • New Zealand lamb.
  • Hāngī – food cooked under the ground.
  • Fish and chips.
  • New Zealand wine, beer and other drinks.
  • Kiwi summer BBQ.
  • New Zealand pavlova and fruit salad.

How far is it to New Zealand from Australia?

Straight line or Air distance: Kilometers: 4157.41 km. Miles: 2583.3 miles.

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