Quick Answer: Can You Boat From Jones Lake To Waldron Lake?

Is Waldron Lake an all sports lake?

Waldron Lake is an all-sports lake, 10am-5pm daily, on the West Lakes chain and connects to Steinbarger, Jones, Tamarack and as well as the Elkhart River. Waldron Lake has 216 acres.

Is Waldron Lake a ski lake?

A feature of the chain is that only Waldron Lake is a multi-use lake for skiing, tubing, and PWC. These activities are regulated between the hours of 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and only on Waldron Lake.

Can you ski at Waldron Lake indiana?

Due to the limited area within the buoys on the main basin of Waldron Lake (about 80 acres) and for maximum safety; Ski only in counter clockwise direction. Buoys beyond 150 feet require a permit from the Indiana DNR.

HOW BIG IS Waldron Lake Indiana?

The West Lakes consist of Jones Lake (114 acres), Steinbarger Lake (73 acres), Tamarack Lake (50 acres) and Waldron Lake ( 216 acres ) and is located in Noble County, Indiana.

Where is Waldron Lake Indiana?

Waldron Lake is a lake located just 2.5 miles from Rome City, in Noble County, in the state of Indiana, United States.

How many acres is big long lake Indiana?

Big Long Lake is a 365-acre lake in LaGrange County, Indiana.

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