Quick Answer: Can You Cut The Transem On A Boat?

What is a cutout transom?

A boat with a notched transom has a foot or two section of the hull bottom, at the transom, cut away, which is intended to give the props cleaner water as well as to reduce wetted surface at high speed. This is actually a “cut-out” transom; the term “notched transom” describes what’s below the waterline.

Is transom necessary?

the correct answer is, yes,you need a transom saver. even though boats are designed to flex and move in the water,they are not designed to be rigidly mounted to a trailer with a motor bouncing on the back that is flexing and stressing the transom with every bounce.

Why does a boat need a transom?

lower unit of your outboard engine to your boat trailer. The transom saver prevents the engine from drifting from side to side and, in general, will keep the engine in place while trailering – particularly when you do not have the clearance to trim your outboard all the way down.

Is the transom the back of a boat?

The vertical section at the rear of the boat is known as the transom. On most newer center consoles and offshore boats transoms might include a rear door leading to a swim platform as well as a molded or bolt on setback bracket. Transom shapes and heights can vary considerably based on the type of vessel.

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Do transom savers really work?

“There is a great deal of impact on the transom while traveling down the highway,” notes Ranger’s Trailer Engineer Rick Huddleston, “and a transom saver [connected to the rear cross member of the trailer] is far more effective at preventing stress at the engine bracket and transom than using the ’tilt/lock’ feature on

How long should a transom saver be?

You’ll probably want a transom saver that extends from 21” to 31” which gives many options to position your outboard optimally on the trailer.

Do you travel with boat motor up or down?

Always tow the boat with the motor down and with the lock in the “release” position – if on the off chance something hits the lower unit, the motor will tip up to help avoid damage.

Should my outboard be up or down when trailering?

Re: Towing Position of Outboard If you have the clearance it is always best to trailer with engine down. That puts the least stress on the transom because you are minimizing torque on the transom and the lift mechanism.

What is transom width?

Ask a friend to hold one end of a measuring tape at the extreme outer edge of the top of the transom while you pull the tape across its width to the opposite outer edge to measure the “length of the taffrail,” which is the width of the boat across the top edge of the stern.

How much does it cost to fix a transom on a boat?

In boat repair circles it is a job for a professional yard — tear the old transom away and replace it. This is usually estimated at a cost somewhere between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00 or more depending on the size of the boat.

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Can a boat transom be repaired?

Long term, the plywood in the transom looses strength and becomes very flexible, allowing the gelcoat and fiberglass to crack. While it is a pretty complicated job, replacing the transom core isn’t impossible. Transoms are usually replaced from inside the boat.

What do you call the back of a boat?

Stern: Rear of a boat.

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