Readers ask: Can I Use My Victorian Boat Licence In Nsw?

Is a Qld boat Licence valid in NSW?

If you have a PWC licence from Queensland, Victoria or Tasmania, you can convert it to a NSW PWC licence. If your home state only issues general licences that permit you to operate all types of vessels (including PWC), we will convert your licence to a NSW general boat driving licence.

Do I need a NSW boat Licence?

If you drive a powered vessel for recreational purposes on NSW waters, at a speed of 10 knots (18.5 Kilometres per hour) or more, you must have a boat driving licence. This licence permits people aged 12 years and over to drive any vessel (except a PWC) at 10 knots or more.

What size boat can I drive with a licence NSW?

New South Wales – speed not size If you’re driving a powered boat for recreational purposes at 10 knots or more, you’ll need to have a boating licence. A licence of this type allows anyone aged 12 or older to drive any kind of vessel at a speed of 10 knots plus (except for a personal watercraft (PWC)).

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Is a Victorian boat Licence valid in Qld?

You can use a valid recreational marine licence issued by another Australian state or territory in Queensland if all of the following apply: you are at least 16 years old. your marine licence is current. you operate within the conditions on your interstate marine licence.

Can you hold a NSW and Qld licence?

It’s true, you can only have one driver’s licence but each state and territory is to give full faith and credit to the licence issued by the other jurisdictions.

What age can you get a boat Licence in NSW?

You must be 12 years of age or older to obtain a general boat driving licence to operate a power-driven recreational vessel at 10 knots or more. Restrictions apply if you are under 16 years of age. Visit or the NSW Boating Handbook for more information.

What is the largest boat you can drive without a captain’s license in Australia?

No Australian state or territory restricts the size of a pleasure boat that someone can skipper, meaning that anyone authorised to steer a recreational boat can jump straight up from a decidedly second-hand tinnie fitted with a 15hp two-stroke outboard engine to a 30-metre-plus superyacht packing several thousand

How big of a boat can I drive myself?

With the appropriate boat licenses, you can typically operate a boat up to 75 feet without a crew. However, most yachts need crew for docking, launching, caring for guests, and watching for danger or other boats. Without a crew, an autopilot feature may be crucial to help with keeping you on course.

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Do I lose my boat Licence when I lose my car licence Qld?

In other words, just because your driver’s licence has been disqualified or cancelled, a boat licence also held under the same combined licence is not necessarily effected. The same is a true for a disqualification of your boat licence. It does not automatically effect your driver’s licence.

Can a 13 year old drive a boat in Qld?

In Queensland, a person needs to be 16 years of age to obtain a Recreation Marine Driver’s Licence (RMDL) and Personal Water Craft Licence (PWCL).

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