Readers ask: Can Whales Avoid Whale Watching Boats?

Are whale watching boats bad for whales?

So does it harm the mammals? Whale watching can have an impact on their natural behaviour, including their ability to feed, rest and rear their young. This can cause problems in the short and long term, say those working in the field of marine biology. Boats can also collide with the whales, putting everyone at risk.

How close can whale watching boats get to whales?

When watching marine mammals by boat: Remain at least 100 yards from whales and at least 50 yards away from dolphins, porpoises, seals, and sea lions. Federal law has specific distance requirements for some species. Keep 100 yards away from humpback whales in Hawaiian and Alaskan waters.

Has a whale ever landed on a whale watching boat?

In July 2010, a young whale crash-landed onto the sailing yacht Intrepid off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The incident was caught on video and in still shots from onlookers aboard nearby whale-watching vessels. The whale was apparently uninjured and swam off after slipping back into the sea.

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Do whales ever attack boats?

Since summer, the sailors have reported that orcas are ramming their boats and sometimes for hours on end. This year, there have been 49 incidents of killer whales attacking the boats recorded, a behavior that was not previously reported.

Has anyone died whale watching?

Do whale watchers ever die in collisions with whales? It’s rare, but it has happened. Unlike recreational sailors, whale-watch captains are actively pursuing large marine mammals. They are required by law to keep 100 yards between the ship and the whale, but there are occasional accidents.

Why do whales swim near whale watching boats for hours?

Interestingly, some whales are just as curious about humans as humans are about them. They may swim near a boat for hours, watching the passengers. Of course, this is a very exciting experience for those on board!

Is it illegal to touch a whale?

It is illegal, she said, for a person to come within 300 feet of a gray whale under federal law. The Marine Mammal Protection Act also states anyone who harasses or disturbs a gray whale could face civil or criminal charges. “We feel people do not mean to harm them, but they may inadvertently do so,” Schramm said.

How fast do whale watching boats go?

High speed, high adventure. Our custom whale watch catamarans are among the largest and fastest in the country. Up to 400 passengers can zoom to the whales at speeds approaching 35 knots (37.5 mph for you landlubbers).

What should you do if a whale approaches your boat?

If a whale approaches within 100 feet of your vessel, put your engine in neutral. Do not re-engage your engine until the whale is observed on the surface, outside of the 100-foot zone. If you sight one whale, expect to see more whales in the immediate vicinity.

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Can a whale flip a boat over?

whales flipping boats? Well, nothing really, except good manners and discretion on the part of the whales! They have been reported to do it (a right whale was filmed breaching onto a boat in South America).

What happens if a boat hits a whale?

Large passing ships are unlikely to see a whale, or may be unable to divert course if they do see one. Small vessels involved in whale strikes have suffered cracked hulls, damage to propellers and rudders, and blown engines.

Has a whale ever eaten a human?

While the veracity of the story is in question, it is physically possible for a sperm whale to swallow a human whole, as they are known to swallow giant squid whole. However, such a person would be crushed, drowned or suffocated in the whale’s stomach.

Has a whale ever killed a human?

In the wild, there have been no fatal recorded attacks on humans. In captivity, there have been several non-fatal and fatal attacks on humans since the 1970s.

Has a whale ever attacked a submarine?

British Navy mistook whales for submarines and torpedoed them, killing three, during Falklands War. One crew member wrote of a “small sonar contact” that prompted the launch of two torpedoes, each of which hit a whale.

Why do whales not attack humans?

There are a few theories about why orcas don’t attack humans in the wild, but they generally come down to the idea that orcas are fussy eaters and only tend to sample what their mothers teach them is safe. But orcas use echolocation to lock in on their prey.

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