Readers ask: Can You Beach Your Boat At Egmont Key?

Can you take your own boat to Egmont Key?

Egmont Key State Park is a fabulous place to visit to see wildlife and beautiful waters. The park is only accessible by boat.

Can you go on Egmont Key?

As a refuge for visitors, Egmont Key State Park is a state park rich in history. It can be visited by private boat or public ferry, making Egmont Key a favorite destination for water-borne visitors, including class groups working on school projects.

Is Egmont Key worth visiting?

Why would you come to Florida and not want to visit a beautiful beach, shelling, and a lighthouse, along with the ruins of a fortit was a beautiful day. We did not encounter any bugs.

Does Egmont Key have bathrooms?

There are no amenities, no restrooms.” Egmont Key is dotted with decommissioned forts, garrisons and jails used as far back as the mid-1800s. The largest is Fort Dade, which was built in 1898 in response to the Spanish-American War and remained active until 1923.

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Are there sharks at Egmont Key?

A massive Bull Shark was recently caught off the coast of Egmont Key. Anthony Belmonte, a fishing boat captain for “Hubbard’s Marina” off Madeira Beach, was on a shark-fishing charter trip when he made the catch. “It was huge.

How much does it cost to go to Egmont Key?

This means for a ferry ride to the island, snorkeling and snorkel gear rental the entire trip is only $45 per adult and $32.50 for kids 11 and under since kids are half price or $12.50 on the ferry boat to the island. Kids and adults are all $15 to snorkel since spots are limited on that cruise.

Can you fish on Egmont Key?

Fishing. Fishing is allowed only in certain designated opened shores of Egmont Key. These are prime spots for reeling in seatrout, tarpon, snook, grouper and snapper, just to name a few. Keep in mind that there are several closed beaches that do not allow any entry and no fishing from the shore.

Can you snorkel at Egmont Key?

THINGS TO DO AT EGMONT KEY You can hike through the SpanishAmerican War forts, explore around the Egmont Key lighthouse, go shelling, look for megladon shark’s teeth, and snorkel from the shoreline. You can snorkel for up to 2 hours on your tour!

How do I access my Egmont Key?

Adding to its charming appeal, Egmont Key is only reachable by ferry or private boat.

Does anyone live on Egmont Key?

COMMENTS: No residents. Now a park. Egmont Key is an island in the mouth of Tampa Bay that is only accessable by boat. There is a ferry and boats can be chartered to explore the island.

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Is alcohol allowed on Egmont Key?

Hunting, alcohol, fireworks, camping, open fires, glass containers and several other activities are also prohibited. Egmont Key is open from sunrise to sunset only.

What was Egmont Key used for?

Early in the Civil War, the key saw occupation by Confederate blockade-runners; while later in the 1860s, Union forces used Egmont Key to operate their Gulf Coast blockade of the Confederacy. The key was also used as a refuge for Union sympathizers and a military prison during the war.

How much does it cost to go to Shell island?

Adults fares are $16.95, children 12 and under are cost $8.95 (infants ride free).

Can you kayak from Fort DeSoto to Egmont Key?

Fort DeSoto Park Comments and Photos Launch from the outfitter or from several access points along the road, the 2.25 mile marked trail (round trip) is an easy paddle. More experienced paddlers can venture out onto the Bay or Gulf, paddle to Egmont Key, or even paddle the full 10 miles around Mullet Key.

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