Readers ask: Can You Get A Boat Trip From Rhodes To Santorini?

Is there a ferry from Rhodes to Santorini?

The Rhodes to Santorini ferry connects the Dodecanese Islands to the Cyclades and is operated by Aegeon Pelagos and Blue Star Ferries. If you’re looking for cheap ferries from Rhodes to Santorini, you’ve come to the right place!

How much is the ferry from Rhodes to Santorini?

The cheapest way to get from Rhodes to Santorini Island is to ferry which costs €95 – €170 and takes 10h 10m. What is the fastest way to get from Rhodes to Santorini Island?

Can you visit Santorini from Rhodes?

The distance between Santorini Island and Rhodes is 247 km. How do I travel from Santorini Island to Rhodes without a car? The best way to get from Santorini Island to Rhodes without a car is to ferry and car ferry which takes 8h 59m and costs €110 – €190.

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Can you take a boat to Santorini?

Santorini ferry: schedules and tickets The trip duration is 4 hours with highspeed vessel, which is the best way to travel to Santorini from Athens by ferry. There’s also a conventional ferry to Santorini with a journey duration of 8 hours. It takes approximately 5.5 hours to reach the island with a highspeed ferry.

Is Santorini in Rhodes?

How to Get from Santorini to Rhodes. The distance between Santorini (Thira) in the Cyclades islands and Rhodes in the Dodecanese islands is 154 miles (247 km). Once you reach Rhodes, you can explore some of the surrounding islands by boat with this 4-day island-hopping itinerary.

Should I go to Rhodes or Santorini?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Santorini and Rhodes, we can see that Santorini is more expensive. And not only is Rhodes much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Rhodes would let you spend less money overall.

Can you fly from Santorini to Rhodes?

Currently, you can fly between Santorini and Rhodes with Ryanair, Olympic Air, Sky Express, Volotea, Wizz Air.

How far is Santorini from Lindos?

The distance between Líndos and Santorini Island is 238 km. How do I travel from Líndos to Santorini Island without a car? The best way to get from Líndos to Santorini Island without a car is to bus and ferry and car ferry which takes 11h 47m and costs €150 – €300.

How do I get from Athens to Santorini by ferry?

The cheapest ferry from Athens to Santorini is the Blue Star. The fastest ferry is the SeaJet WorldChampion Jet. Ferries depart from the Piraeus ferry port located 20 minutes by train outside of central Athens, and arrive in Santorini at the Athinios ferry port, 15 minutes from the town of Fira.

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What is the best part of Rhodes to stay in?

Where to Stay in Rhodes: Best Areas to Stay in Rhodes

  • Lindos, the second most popular destination to stay in Rhodes.
  • Pefkos, where to stay in Rodhes for families.
  • Lardos, pretty village close to the beach.
  • Kiotari, one of the most beautiful beaches.
  • Ixia/Ialyssos, good beach destination where to stay in Rhodes.

How long is ferry from Chania to Santorini?

The high-speed ferries take about two hours, while slower ferries take three hours. Economy and business class seats are available for all ferries, as well as the option to bring a vehicle on board. Note that if you do bring a vehicle, your ticket price will increase.

How long is ferry from Rhodes to Kos?

How long is the ferry ride from Rhodes to Kos? The route from Rhodes to Kos lasts around 2.5 hours by speedboat and 3-5 hours by conventional ferry.

Is Santorini expensive?

And alas, Santorini (as with many Greek islands) is an expensive island to live on. One big consideration is that many prime living areas are taken up with hotels and holiday rentals. So finding accommodation for all year round can become pricey.

How many days do you need in Santorini?

We recommend 3 to 5 days in Santorini in order to visit as many places as possible. Santorini is a very interesting island and except from Oia, the volcano and the amazing views, there are many things to see and do. But you can also do it in 24 hours and many day trips are proposed from other nearby islands.

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Which is better Mykonos or Santorini?

The scenery, views, sunsets, and natural beauty of Santorini are unrivaled by Mykonos or any other Greek island. Mykonos is not without its beautiful spots but for scenes that are truly jaw-dropping, Santorini wins hands-down. Santorini is more romantic and much better suited to a honeymoon or couples vacation.

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