Readers ask: Can You Have Motor Boats On Lake Jodeco?

Can you boat on Lake Spivey?

Recreational boating on the lake is restricted by the Lake Spivey Civic Association to a 40-mph speed limit during day-light hours and 5-mph after sunset. Residents enjoy cruising with pontoon boats, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, swimming, and fishing.

Does Lake jodeco connect to Lake Spivey?

Spivey and several associates. There are 212 homesites in addition to several access lots and common docks for all lake residents to enjoy lake access. Lake Jodeco sits adjacent to the much larger Lake Spivey.

Is there public access to Lake Spivey?

The lake has no public access. Recreational boating on the lake is restricted by the Lake Spivey Civic Association to a 40-mph speed limit during day-light hours and 5-mph after sunset.

When was Lake Spivey built?

Lake Spivey Golf Club was built in 1963. We were the first course in the country to use Crenshaw Bentgrass greens in 1991. We were voted by Golf Digest as the “Best Value” in Atlanta, GA during 2005.

Is Lake Spivey safe?

The Spivey Dam is considered one of the safest earthen dams in the State. In 1994 the excessive rainfall caused by hurricane Alberta damaged the spillway- but the dam held.

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What type of fish are in Lake Spivey?

Lake Spivey holds the Georgia State record for black crappie. Largemouth bass, hybrid striped bass, and large channel catfish are also much sought-after game fish here. Over 20 small creeks and inlets feed Lake Spivey, providing excellent spawning habitat for bluegill and panfish.

Is Lake Burton man made?

With that being said, Lake Burton is a man-made lake, which was built in a deep valley and closed with a dam on December of 1919, occupying part of the Tallulah River. The name of the lake is derived from the town of Burton, which was established as a result of the Georgia Gold Rush.

Is lake Allatoona man made?

Often Allatoona is confused with Lake Acworth. Many people think Lake Acworth and Allatoona are the same lake and are connected but they are two separate lakes. Both are man made and are divided by highway 92 aka Lake Acworth Drive and it is the low dam at this point.

Are there private lakes?

Contrary to popular belief, lakes are not undesignated public land. They are typically owned by the government or private entities. Each lays down its own set of rules and guidelines for homeowners. When shopping for a lake home, you can save a lot of stress by finding out who owns your lake, and the rules they have.

How many acres is Lake Spivey Golf Course?

Lake Spivey Golf Course is 186 acres, but 40 acres will be used for the new homes. The course is zoned as agricultural and allows one house per acre.

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What county is Lake Sinclair in Georgia?

The lake is made up of a 15,330-acre (6,200 ha) area of water and provides both electricity and recreation. Milledgeville, Georgia, is the largest city on Lake Sinclair, though most of the lake is located in Putnam County.

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